Want shoes for all of the activities you love? Want lifestyle shoes that offer more? Want to run off the beaten track?Try Icebug's our own traction rubber, RB9X, for amazing traction everywhere. Want to go off even tougher, off the trail? Take a look at our OLX-shoes. Fixed studs that will take you through anything.

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    Icebug love getting involved! We're lukcy enough to be taking part in and sponsoring events all across the country. Make sure you stay updated and come and see us when we're in your neighbourhood!

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    Tired of the asphalt? Experience running at it's best - out in nature. With Icebugs phenomenal traction rubber, RB9X, only you decide where the next path will take you. These shoes are packed with technology – and a whole lot of fun!

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  • Lifestyle

    Our lifetsyle shoes are designed for the person who loves to take a step outside, take a deep breath, and let the next adventure begin. They are designed to take you anywhere you want to go, whether it's a walk through the park or sight-seeing in Paris.

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  • OCR

    Obstacle course racing (OCR) is an enormous billion dollar industry still in its boom phase and reaching across many continents. Icebug is the official shoe sponsor to the World Championship in OCR, so of course we got the gear for you! Traction is important for not just the elite but the weekend warriors. Traction is safe, traction gives you the edge, traction is Icebug.

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Footwear for the New Outdoors™

Out in the woods, over rocks, through wetlands, across the desert – the “new outdoors” lies well beyond the gym and off the beaten track. It can be orienteering, swim-runs, obstacle course racing, trail running, hiking or traveling the world – the new outdoors is whatever works for you and your surroundings. People are seeking new, fun and creative ways to stay fit while re-connecting with nature. The way we see it at Icebug, whatever you do is always better when done outside. That’s what drives us to continuously innovate and improve upon what’s already acknowledged as the world’s best traction footwear.

We strive to give you the freedom to explore wherever you want to go. Our passion is to build shoes that let body, nature and spirit become one. Our Scandinavian heritage is to build footwear that lets you stay healthy no matter the weather and terrain, to forget the pavement and see where the trail leads.

From our super grippy RB9X® rubber to our patented carbide-studded soles to our vibrant styles that are loaded with performance and comfort details, Icebug is indeed Footwear for the New Outdoors.

RB9X – the new level of traction

RB9X is Icebug’s latest rubber compound development, setting a new friction standard. Lab tests show that RB9X outgrips the competition, while still matching the durability of an asphalt running shoe. In the real world, this means upgraded traction reliability in wet and slippery conditions on surfaces such as rocks and wood. With our patented studded technologies, we’ve made it possible to run on ice. Now we’re the traction leaders for rubber soles as well

Summer 2015 – the inspiration

”Sources of inspiration for summer 15 are playfulness, happy colours, health, harmony, active living and the deep understanding of the joy created by wearing products that enhance your day to day life. The colour theme is inspired by the bright and vivid urban flower bed as seen in city parks and green oasis. Urban gardening and mixing in the beauty and harmony of the nature in the metropolitan landscapes is a growing and very inspirational trend, as this is a part of what Icebug do: Creating tools for enjoying the New Outdoor (that very well can take place in a city park!) The combination of colours and playful design that will make you happy and ready to perform and live!”

Karin Möller, Head of design at Icebug

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We at Icebug get so much appreciation for the products we make. Via email, phone calls and meetings, we get constant proof that Icebug makes a difference to people’s ability to live an active life. We are always interested to know what we do well and what we can do even better. Therefore, we want your feedback!

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“So light, so precise and so flexible you actually forget they're on your feet. The grip is freakish! I love this shoe!”


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